Privacy Policy


All payments through company to customers or themselves as per all taxes.

If a customer completes a pair, then company will give a bonus of Rs 1500.if three clients joins the company at once, then his bonus will be Rs 2900.

Whenever a customer joins a new customer in the company, then he have to give a reference name, and the added customer whenever make a pair itself then the bonus of Rs 200 will be given to referenced person.

An ID of Rs 7500 &12500 has been set up to connect with company, and related goods are mentioned in above brochure.


Registration or form fees is not included in joining fees, so you have to purchase a registration form of rs 300.

All disputes/complains subject to Lucknow jurisdiction only.

If someone ask you to pay more than joining fees please confirm from authorized person or given numbers in a registration form.

If any member caught doing forgery/fraud with the mentioned firm(regarding joining, fake documents etc), it will be a punishable crime under IPC section 420.

The referenced person is liable/responsible for misbehaving/wrong arguments of his downline.

The company has the right to make any changes in future.

please clear all your points, guidelines at the time of joining.